Denzil the Dog
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Denzil the Flat-Coated Retriever

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About Denzil

Denzil is a Flat-Coated Retriever (flat-coat) living in Mevagissey, Cornwall and Esher, Surrey. Born in Wiltshire in 2009, within a litter of seven dogs, Denzil’s kennel name is Kingsmarston Black Opal. His pet name Denzil is a traditional Cornish/Celtic name meaning ‘strong fort’. Denzil is well known around Mevagissey and likes diving into the harbour and swimming at Portmellon beach. He has attended training classes with PAWS 4 FUN dog training club held at Tregony Village Hall

About Flat-Coated Retrievers

The flat-coat was bred to be an intelligent gun dog, with good all-round retrieving abilities: both ground and air scenting, able to work on all terrain, but being particularly good in water and having a long soft mouth to retrieve all sizes and types of game. The flat-coat was originally bred and is still favoured by game keepers.

The breed was stabilised in the 1930’s after about a hundred years of development through mixing mainly setters and newfoundlands, and it is believed to a lesser extent, other breeds such as labradors, pointers and sheep dogs. The predominant characteristics of the flat-coat today are those of a setter’s single-coat and body shape (often mistaken for a ‘black setter’ although flat-coats are often shorter, more muscular and have wider skulls) and a newfoundland’s water confidence and attributes, including large webbed paws.

As well as being strong and able to work all day, the flat-coat was also bred to be a happy, gentle and biddable family dog when at home. The flat-coat is well know for its friendly disposition, with tail constantly wagging and lots of licking of other dogs and people, they are excellent with young children, dogs and other animals. When two flat-coats meet they will often lick each other’s mouths – called the ‘flat-coat kiss’.

Similar to other retriever breeds, many flat-coats carry genetic predispositions which may lead to medical problems in later life. However, they can stay youthful for a long time. In 2011 a nine-year old flat-coat called Jet, kennel name The Kentuckian, won Best in Show at Crufts. At Crufts 2015, a five-year old flat-coat from Sweden called Dublin, kennel name Castlerock Simply Magic, came second winning Reserve Best in Show.

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